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Locksmith Amstelveen

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Locksmith Amstelveen


Are you looking for a professional and reliable locksmith in Amstelveen? Look no further! At Slotenmaker Amstelveen we can professionally remove or replace locks, and we do so without causing any damage to them. Continue reading to find out about all of the locksmith services we provide.


Experienced in all locksmith services

You can find various services with us as a locksmith Amstelveen. In the first place, we can help you to replace your locks in Amstelveen. A lock will become old after a few years. As a result, it needs to be replaced, you simply cannot get out of this. New locks also provide your home with better security against burglars and other people who want to enter. Apart from replacing a lock, you can always have your lock opened in Amstelveen with us. It is not exactly pleasant when you leave the house without actually having the key with you. However, this exclusion still occurs regularly. Thanks to us, this problem can be solved, so you can go back into the house.

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Experienced in all locksmith services

Lock replacement

You have lost your keys, or have they lost them? That can increase the risk of break-ins. Therefore, have your locks replaced immediately by the reliable locksmith Amstelveen. Locks must be professionally replaced, so you can always count on professional service. Our technicians are always available to replace your locks.

Opening locks

The locksmith in Amstelveen is happy to help you in every situation, including if you are locked out at night. Our technicians are available day and night to open any type of lock. With our 24/7 emergency service you never have to wait long and you will be back in the house quickly.

Burglary protection

Don’t you like it when your home or property is not sufficiently secured against burglary? Then you can contact our experts for tips and installation of better burglary prevention.

Core pulling protection

If the cylinder locks in your home still work properly, it is generally not necessary to have them replaced. But you can have a core pull protection placed on it for extra security against burglary.

Urgent services

If you need a locksmith quickly, it is advisable to contact our emergency service by phone. You can do this seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Secure locks

Locksmith Amstelveen recommends that you have burglary-resistant locks placed on your doors. These doors are equipped with core pull protection and offer optimum protection against burglary. Think of locks with an extra strong core, or anti-core pull fittings.

Urgent services in Amstelveen

It often happens that people are looking for an urgent job. You have also come to the right place for this, because as a locksmith Amstelveel we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our employees are quickly on site at the house. We also focus on home security. We want everyone in Amstelveen to feel safe in their home, they should not be afraid of burglaries. Thanks to our burglary prevention, your home can also be protected in the most convenient way against possible burglars. For example, you can think of a new and strong form of protection such as core pull protection. Sleeping without fear is made possible.

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Urgent services in Amstelveen

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